Salvadoran Marinated Chicken Legs -- Frozen & RAW

3-5 drumsticks (approx. 1 lb) in a large tin

A marinated chicken legs recipe from created from family memory by former TSH cook Nelly Vidauri! Cook on the grill, the fajita skillet, or just bake in the oven to top a stir-fry. Raw chicken legs are marinated overnight in a rich blend of spices and condiments, then frozen in tins.

They thaw fairly quickly in the tin.  Once thawed, roast them covered at 350 degrees for about 1 hour or until meat separates from the bone. Halfway through cooking, remove lid and baste with sauce and finish cooking. Wonderful over rice or greens, or to make a meal of a salad or vegetable soup.

Ingredients: raw chicken legs,* crushed tomatoes,*, onions,* chicken bone broth,* olive oil, capers, olives,* TSH Cultured Honey Mustard (yellow mustard seed,* onion powder,* sweet paprika,* turmeric,* apple cider vinegar,* white wine vinegar,* honey, brine of Classic Kraut (green cabbage,* Celtic sea salt), Celtic sea salt, cilantro,* garlic, * olive brine, Celtic sea salt  (* = organic)

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