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Come to Our Store!

1581 University Avenue, Berkeley

Store & Pre-order pickup Hours 


Wednesday 4pm-7pm 

Thursday 10am-4pm 

(closed Thanksgiving Day)

Friday 2pm-6pm

Saturday 9am-3pm


Forgot to pre-order online? Have questions about our products? Want to try a free sample? 

We're always glad to see customers come in and experience the village feel of our Kitchen!

Our business model was originally built around customers pre-ordering online and then coming in to pick up their food. In the "old days," when folks came in to pick up their orders, we'd have a couple of coolers out to sell any extra product we made.

Over the years, as the business grew, our "cooler selection" evolved into a full retail store, with many of our housemade products, pantry items, books, milk, eggs, bacon, and more. Don't be surprised by guest appearances and free samples from one of our outside producers, such as Kaleidoscope Foods, Coracao Confections, Luminance Skincare or Golden Gate Neighborhood honey, along with our own sample table of housemade foods and products.

Payment OPTIONS in the store

While online pre-ordering works through a customer's account, in the store we have a point-of-sale (POS) system, and we accept cash, checks and credit cards. (You can also apply glass deposit credits from that day's return or from your online account to in-store purchases.)

Friday and Saturday bone Broth Bar

Skip the coffee and stay nourished while running your errands!

Enjoy a cup of hot, slow-cooked Bone Broth (Beef, Chicken, or Pork) for here or to go. Our Broth Bar includes an assortment of condiments: Celtic Sea Salt, South River Miso, Red Boat Fish Sauce, Coconut Secret Coconut Aminos, fresh herbs and lemon. 

Hot Broth Bar:

Purchase and enjoy a 6-ounce mug with one refill while at the store.

Hot Broth to Go:

Purchase a 14-ounce broth to go in a Mason Jar Mug with handle. Bring the mug back and purchase a "refill" on another Saturday.

Saturday pre-Order Pick-Up Details:

Saturday is the last available day to pick up pre-orders from the weekly online menu. See our menu pick-up options when you place your order.